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Ty Segall, Ex-Cult, Zath [late show] @ The Empty Bottle (2/9)

Ty Segall Band approached their late show at the Empty Bottle Saturday like a seasoned competitor would a race. Having already headlined an early set a few hours prior for a different crowd, Ty opened set two — start time: … Continue reading

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Outer Minds @ The Empty Bottle (5/24)

I’ve only ever seen Outer Minds play at the Empty Bottle, and I think that kind of consistency brings with it considerable advantage. For one it’s the Empty Bottle, far and away the best space to see live music in … Continue reading

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Outer Minds (record release), Mannequin Men, Radar Eyes @ The Empty Bottle (4/7); Mawrcrest @ Cole’s (4/6)

Outer Minds’ record release at the Empty Bottle Saturday night is what makes the city’s music scene so flipping exciting. I mean really, the scene’s upper tier all got booked to play the same evening, in the city’s best venue, … Continue reading

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El Ten Eleven, In Tall Buildings @ Evanston S.P.A.C.E. (3/27); Dustin Wong, Grandeurs @ Empty Bottle (3/28)

That first time watching live loop pedal makes for a distinctive and curious experience, yeah? For me it would’ve been during the solo performance of a guy opening for The Kickback in end-of-year 2010 at The Tonic Room. For the … Continue reading

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Tyler Jon Tyler, Nones, The Runnies @ The Empty Bottle (2/14); Unicycle Loves You, Lightfoils @ The Empty Bottle (2/13)

I’ve long been partial to the Empty Bottle for good, cheap entertainment in Chicago. But a great string of kick ass — these back-to-back shows I’m just now digesting, as well as Radar Eyes’ record release and an Apteka/Secret Colours … Continue reading

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Radar Eyes, Bare Mutants, Outer Minds @ The Empty Bottle (2/6)

So it was a noontime text, I think, that confirmed to me that yes, I was still a ways away from mental balance after a free night of sweet noise at the Empty Bottle. The text, from one of my … Continue reading

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Handpicked shows for February 2012

I’m a creature of habit, certainly. And that mindset surfaces again and again here on Chicago Tunes. Reviews seem — however unintentionally — bounded to familiar lengths, and familiar quality. A gander at my musical likings, as well, might reveal … Continue reading

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Secret Colours, Apteka @ The Empty Bottle (1/7)

I don’t think I’ve been in so packed a Bottle before. Not since that 1900s record release a year ago have I done a lap in the space and been struck so hard by the tally of heads. A free-with-RSVP … Continue reading

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Top 5 shows in Chicago in 2010

Josh beat me to it by a good month, but I thought: “Well, better late than never.” Here, now, are my favorite shows from the year that was. Please note: I moved here in June, then launched the blog in … Continue reading

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The 1900s @ The Empty Bottle (12/3)

In the next couple weeks, Joshua and I will compile respective lists of our favorite shows of the year. Barring any unexpected greatness, The 1900s‘ Friday night show at The Empty Bottle — stuffed, probably, to capacity — will top … Continue reading

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