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Sunjacket — ‘Alligator,’ ‘Partition’

And that’s why you always follow up! Carl Hauck reached out to me this month to introduce me to his new indie, Sunjacket. A band so new they’ve yet to grace a local stage. That gets rectified tonight at Beat … Continue reading

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Hidden Era — ‘Until Morning’

Hidden Era’s debut single, “Until Morning,” is a cry of prayer supported by throaty guitar. Its delicate vocals and burly strings are driven by unconquerable despair, forming an unexpected balance the longer I listened. Elizabeth Burchfield seems coached by a … Continue reading

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Wedding Dress — ‘Dangerous Living,’ ‘Old Time Thorns’

Though the Chicago-based Wedding Dress is the rock steady collaboration between Erin Elders of Maps & Atlases and Mike Russell of Suns, Mike’s tapped two other Sunheads (Clint Weber and Matt Lemke) to make the thing seem total Suns side … Continue reading

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Whales — ‘Horses’

I had this song sent to me by the Chicago-based Whales. I nearly saw them myself a few months ago when they played a show with Post Honeymoon. “Horses” reminds me of something Tiny Magnets might do. I haven’t written … Continue reading

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The Vliets — ‘Pale Solar Stream’

The other week the Dallas and Chicago-based Vliets released a four-track EP, their second in as many years. Made privy about a day ago, I’ve noticed I’ve become exceptionally smitten with “Pale Solar Stream.” Its five and a half minutes … Continue reading

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Pony Trash — ‘Submarine,’ ‘Down to the River’

“Submarine” reminds me of a thing the kids in Mawrcrest might’ve eventually produced had they clung to their conservative, Whisker Music-esque values for several years more. Chill as turtles in sun, “Submarine” doesn’t seem in hurry to go about anywhere. … Continue reading

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Outer Minds — ‘We Are All Stone’

I’ve known for awhile that the best thing about Outer Minds is “Always in My Head.” Some might say their tent pole isn’t “Always in My Head” but “Footsteps” or maybe “Gimme a Reason.” (The latter, despite widespread confusion, is … Continue reading

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The Cell Phones — ‘Tuesday,’ ‘Lyrical’

The Cell Phones is tremendously manic. Just dumb in frenzy. Like I wonder if they might medal in a Bottle Schizophrenia in Song contest. I remember listening to these guys sometime last year — probably when Hospital Spaceship was released … Continue reading

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Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside — ‘Not An Animal’

I saw Sallie Ford and the Outside Sound in May and came away floored the Hideout only expected 10 bucks from me to enter the room. Sallie kindly squeezed more green out of me that evening, come to think, because … Continue reading

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Thin Hymns — ‘Cast Aside’

A short time ago I wrote about the new Mazes song, “Peace Can Do No Wrong” (I think it divine, truly), and footnoted the piece with a link to supplemental information about their free Empty Bottle show on the 13th. … Continue reading

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